To Create an Empowered and Fearless
future of Work

About Us

MyFuse helps Businessess and Household's be more agile by giving them direct access to Pre-screened staff. This instant access to talent offers new ways to re-imagine the workforce.


We have created a simple online platform that connects Business and Household's looking for long term or short term staff with workers looking for great work experiences. We have eliminated the middle man to provide consumers the fastest,earliest and the most transparent solution.


This is the future of workforce.A future where businesses and households are empowered through agility and where employees/workers never have to fear about finding their next role.

How We Compare With Agencies


  • Quality guaranteed everytime
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Job requirement filled quickly
  • Extensive vetting process
  • Full visibility of candidates
  • Best fit for you and 24/7 access to candidates


  • Inconsistent candidates quality
  • Inconsistent and hidden pricing
  • Lengthy hiring process
  • Subjective Screening
  • No visibility of candidates
  • Make do with what you get

Our Core Values

  • We put Customers First
  • We driven by Curiosity,Optimism & Ambition
  • We achieve our target by doing what is right
  • We are team players
  • We strive to create economic opportunies & growth for all
  • We focus on impact

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